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How To Make A 'WHY' Video

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Dennis Yu recently invited me to speak at Shawn Dill's Black Diamond Club Summer Camp 2020 conference to share my story and teach how to make a 'WHY' video.

Dr. Shawn Dill is a chiropractor by trade but he is also the CEO of The Specific Chiropractic Centers, a franchise of chiropractic offices throughout the United States. Additionally, he runs the Black Diamond Club where service providers come together for top masterminds to grow.

From my experience with working with dozens of companies ranging from different sizes and niche's, 'WHY' videos are the most consistently highest performing pieces of content.

In one year, I amplified growth for my personal brand with spending $4,205.34 on Facebook ads. In my analytics I found my 'WHY' video being the highest performing content.

What is a 'WHY' video?

A WHY video defines your why, or your passion. People are more likely to support something they believe in. This is why you should clearly define your why and build your brand around it.

I believe that the best way to share your stories or mission in an engaging way is through the use of a WHY video. A WHY video defines your reason, or your passion, and it is important to utilize the power of video content and social media to effectively share this with your desired audience.

Video is the most powerful ingredient of your personal brand, starting with your story and amplified by the stories of your ambassadors. It starts with you.

How to make a 'WHY' video:

Whether you’ve been regularly creating content for 10 years or have never written an article in your life, you’ll be able to easily create a “WHY” video by following these three basic steps:

1. Opening Heart Section

a. Start with “When I was…”

2. Lead your story into an ‘I believe statement’.

b. “I believe that…”

3. Finish with who you are

c. “My name is…”

If you want a video example of me explaining a 'WHY' video, here's a clip from me on stage at Black Diamond Club.

If you want an example of a polished 'WHY' video, here's one of my favorite 'WHY' videos to date. This is Taylor Simpson, CEO and Founder of The Halo App.

Meet Jordan Burns. He's not only a great chiropractor in Fishers, Indiana but he's my chiropractor! Here's his WHY video for why he went into the medical field.

The key about 'WHY' videos is not production value. It's the power of story-telling. Taylor Simpson's 'WHY' video has high production value with animations. Authentic and genuine story-telling is the most important aspect of a 'WHY' video.

Don't let your lack of production equipment or skills hold you back from sharing your story.

In fact, you might have better results when filming with a smart phone.


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