Hire Jeremy To Make Videos

When hiring someone to make content for your company...


would you rather hire someone who just knows how to work a camera or would you rather hire someone who knows how to work a camera and has a background in marketing and advertising?

For this video package you will get...
  • One WHY Video

    • A WHY Video defines your why, or your passion. People are more likely to buy something they believe in. This is why you should clearly define your why and build your brand around it.

  • One WHAT Video or one HOW Video

    • A WHAT Video defines specifically WHAT your company is and the benefits people get when using you/your company.

    • HOW Video defines specifically how your product/service works.

    • We will take a look at your business goals, content, and targeting and will make a determination on what video would fit your needs more.

  • One Customer or User Testimonial

    • No scripts. With a few simple questions, we can create powerful testimonials that will create trust, industry authority, and trust for your targeted demographic.

  • Two hours of strategy sessions with Jeremy ($500 VALUE)

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Starting at $750...​

(Will be $1,500 after January 1, 2019)

These types of videos are specifically chosen because they work perfectly for marketing funnels. 

Here's some of my work:

Relevant content is king on social media. If your content is not relevant to your audience then your audience will not click through your ads. With everything consistently changing in digital marketing you want to make sure your brand’s messaging is consistent through your content.  If you don’t have consistent, relevant, and value-adding content then you could be wasting money on advertising.

Jeremy has been featured or mentioned in 50+ publications and websites including Forbes, The Next Web, Inc. Magazine, Channel 13 News WTHR, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, The Daily Beast, Influencive, Mashable, Future Sharks, Success Magazine and many more. Jeremy Miller was voted as the 2018 Nominee for Tech Points Rising Star Mira award for “Best in Technology in Indiana” Jeremy’s Forbes Feature was the #1 trending article on LinkedIn in December of 2017 and ranked #1 on Google for “Forbes Entrepreneur” with 17M search results also in December of 2017. Jeremy was ranked in the top 25 influencers to teach about social media in 2017.

Equipment list:

- Canon EOS 6D

- Canon 24-105mm 0.45/1.5ft lens

- Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8

- Rode Videomic

- Vid Pro Lavalier Condenser Microphone

- LimoStudio Photography Studio Photo Video Continuous Umbrella Light Lighting Kit with Chromakey Green Screen Photo Background Backdrop Support System

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