I Discovered Entrepreneurship as a Vehicle For Helping Others 



Jeremy Ross Miller is a 22-year-old nationally known marketer, speaker, and writer.


I discovered entrepreneurship as a vehicle for helping others and building community while also searching for an escape from depression. I was sixteen when I opened my first custom longboard business that also focused on creating a safe space for young people to talk about life.


Although the business closed with a deficit, I was drawn to entrepreneurship because of how much it impacted my life positively and how much I saw I was able to impact others.

"Jeremy has wisdom beyond his years. And it manifests through his care of others, his steel resolve to get stuff done as an entrepreneur and his amazing success at such an early age."

-Logan, Director of Social Media at Tuft and Needle

"In the age of millennial entrepreneurs, Jeremy Miller stands out. Not just to me, but countless others.

Not just because of his age or his marketing strategies, but mainly because of his mission. He cares more about the well being of other businesses than he does his own and I know this because I've personally watched him make quantum leaps as a person and an entrepreneur in only the 1 year I've known him.


If you are looking for someone you can trust and connect your business and goals with, take a look at Jeremy's story."

                                               - Zak, Founder of The District Spotlight

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