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Dennis Yu

CEO of BlitzMetrics, Former Executive at Yahoo!

"Jeremy is years ahead of his peers- an ethical entrepreneur who creates meaning over money, a relentless doer and giver. I'm honored to be able to work with him."


Robert Jones

Founder of Gent Style, Speaker, and Content Marketing Consultant

"In a world where it is harder and harder to succeed, Jeremy Miller spends his time helping others grow they’re brands and businesses. Within this past year of meeting Jeremy, he has given me so much great practical advice for content creation and growth. I highly recommend Jeremy and all of his versatile talents!"


Faris Rai

Former Presenter at LADbible and Former Radio Talk Show Host at BBC Asian Network

"Dope guy! Has really grasped the elements of social media marketing at a young age and has good intentions to help others. I enjoy watching his video content which breaks down specific examples in detail for others to learn from in small digestible doses."


Bonniejo David

Digital Marketer for Creativate Marketing Inc.

"Jeremy connected with me recently and I felt someone cares. With all the psychological issues I have been facing, Jeremy offers unspoken understanding and comfort. The beauty of being understood and not judged feels empowering."


Zak Albertson

Founder of The District Spotlight

In the age of millennial entrepreneurs, Jeremy Miller stands out. Not just to me, but countless others. Not just because of his age or his marketing strategies, but mainly because of his mission. He cares more about the well being of other businesses than he does his own and I know this because I've personally watched him make quantum leaps as a person and an entrepreneur in only the 1 year I've known him. If you are looking for someone you can trust and connect your business and goals with, take a look at Jeremy's story.

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Adobe Education Leader, HubSpot Academy Instructor, and host of Classroom without Walls

I had the absolute honor to get to know Jeremy and to have him on my Facebook live show as a guest. I am beyond impressed by Jeremy's drive to offer value, to engage in life-long education, and to help his peers and community. Our world has no shortage of talented young entrepreneurs, but we are in a desperate need of young entrepreneurs who are caring and compassionate, who prioritizes giving back to the community, and whose business is driven by a clear "why" of empowering and serving others as opposed to merely driven by the bottom line. As an educator, every time when I have an opportunity to engage in deep conversations with young and successful people like Jeremy, I couldn't help but wonder what can I do to help nurture and cultivate young leaders like Jeremy. Thank you, Jeremy, for doing what you do and for inspiring so many people including myself. I believe the sky is your limit. Keep up the great work.

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Patrick Doerflein

CEO and Co-Founder of Burn & Bet Sports

"I met Jeremy about 6 months ago, he was teaching at an event about the importance of having your financial plan in order for being a start up business. I was very impressed with this young man and the knowledge he had and he was only 18 years old. I know that my old way of advertising was not working and I needed help. I needed someone that knows how things worked in todays social world. I started to follow Jeremy on FB and literally watched him start taking the world by storm. I reached out to him to help me and we just finished our first video shoot. I could not have find a better person to work with. If you ever tried to talk to a camera its not that easy and I was very apprehensive about talking to the camera. Jeremy was a pro. He kept me calmed down and know how to ask me the right question to get me to talk about my app in a way that made the videos top notch. I feel very blessed to be able to work with Jeremy and I know without a doubt he has the right plan to market my app and take it to the top. This young man is the future of marketing."


Lance Greenberg

Marketing Executive at Logika International

"It's very rare that you meet someone as versatile, talented and humble as Jeremy Miller. I have had the pleasure of seeing him work with local entrepreneurs, business owners, and my own colleagues here in Indianapolis and all over. You cannot have a conversation with him without learning something. He is always looking for the silver lining and he is a social media marketing expert. I highly recommend Jeremy Miller."

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Carla Taylor

Founder of IDEAvize, Speaker, and Host of Bring your Brilliance Podcast

"I've been working with various marketing people and companies for many years, and learned a lot about what to do and not do an social media - after attending many workshops, didn't learn anything new or different. Then along came Jeremy. His energy and passion are outstanding and next to none. He is the real deal, genuinely one of the most authentic people who is curious to know and appreciate each person he meets. This comes through loud and clear in his approach to social media and digital marketing. He draws a crowd - whether in person or online - because he has the kind of energy and passion people want to be around. He inspires me daily. I have been incredibly blessed to work with Jeremy."

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David B. GrinBerg 

Senior Communications Advisor at BeBee

"I've had the pleasure of working indirectly with Jeremy Miller for award-winning social media startup beBee Affinity Social Network, where we both serve as global brand ambassadors. Jeremy represents the new entrepreneurial spirit of Generation Z. He is a role model for young people everywhere due to his budding business acumen, can-do inspirational attitude, boundless perseverance, and his ability to succeed in challenging startup ventures against the odds. I have no doubt that Jeremy's career will continue to blossom."

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Nate Spell

Founder of Them Magazines and CEO of Three Media

"Jeremy really has a deep understanding of social media and the overall importance of utilizing it when it comes to businesses and audience interaction. The things he's accomplished so far before even finishing high school gives him the credibility of someone 10 or 15 years older than him. Overall very professional-- I recommend his services."

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Trey Cockrum

Founder of COAH Media

"Diligent, hard working, passionate, creative and gifted. This dude has what it takes to make it big. More importantly than booking his service, I suggest you invest in "Jeremy Miller" stock.
On a more serious note, no matter what I've seen my man do, he has done it well. With zeal, excellence, and a desire to serve others before all else. I guarantee you he will deliver.
My excitement for the future of this dudes life pursuits goes beyond words. Hire him."

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Fatima Williams

Recruitment Manager at 360 Recruiting

"Jeremy is a role model to the youth of today's world. Kudos Jeremy Miller on being a rising star I hope many are inspired by you. 
To quote Jeremy in his own words "To do something, however small, to make others happier and better is the highest ambition, the most elevating hope that can inspire a human being."

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