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Personal Branding is for everyone.
However, what I'm offering is only for those who want to take ownership over their personal brand.

If you answer yes to any one of the four questions below, you're in the right place.

  • Do you want a more enjoyable career where you feel acknowledged for the impact you make and the value you create?

  • Do you want to start a new business with inbound leads pounding on your door?

  • Do you want to add rocket fuel to your existing business?

  • Do you want to impact more people with your message?


A personal brand can be your vehicle to your desired destination.


Taking ownership over your personal brand is when you intentionally define your brand identity, create authentic content around your brand identity, and then develop a strategy for distributing your content so people know you exist.

For only 13 selected individuals, I am opening up Personal Branding 1:1 coaching via a Power Hour


The Promise of this Personal Brand Power Hour

I will teach you a checklist-driven framework for defining a strong foundation for your personal brand so that you can amplify awareness of the value that you have to offer. This will lead to unforeseen opportunities in your life.

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A Power Hour is 90 minutes of fast-paced consulting and coaching. 

In the Power Hour We...

  1. Elevate your mindset on personal branding in the 2020s 

  2. Execute the Self-Awareness Test (Start with your WHY)

  3. Identify relevant goals for your brand and learn where to channel your efforts 

  4. Learn from examples of authentic personal branding

  5. Assemble and conceptualize your Topic Wheel Map

  6. Cultivate a checklist driven playbook for how to leverage social media

  7. Learn the ingredients for a successful personal brand

  8. Determine how you can scale your value to others 

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Apply for the Power Hour by filling out this form.

Why rely on outbound marketing and sales when you can amplify your growth by becoming a lighthouse for your business?

For entrepreneurs, establishing a foundation for your personal brand will lead you to amplifying an irrefutable differentiation in your industry. In the roaring 2020s, people want to do business with people.


A clear personal brand establishes WHO you are, WHY you do what you do, and HOW your business can add value to someone.

When building your personal brand, you effectively amplify awareness for your reputation. 

After establishing your personal brand's foundation, the content you create helps your most desired customers and clients find you easier.


Through the Topic Wheel Map that I will help you create in this Power Hour, you will be producing content that establishes trust in the value that you bring.

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The Background

Seriously. Whether you're a 9-5 employee looking to level up in your career, a digital creator with content to offer, or a tried and true entrepreneur, a personal brand is the key to unlock the doors to bigger and better opportunities in life.


But, launching your personal brand off the ground can be challenging.


Google can be overwhelming, your "social media gurus" don't give you the full picture unless you buy their course, and there are just too many platforms to choose from.


Apply for a Personal Branding Power Hour with Jeremy by filling out this form.

  • Where do you start with a personal brand?

  • What are relevant and actionable goals?

  • How do you drive business growth with a personal brand?

  • How do you come across as genuine instead of gimmicky and self-promotional?
  • What digital systems should you be using to scale your personal brand's impact, message, and growth?

  • What content should you create that is relevant to your vision, purpose, and business goals? 

This is an example of what we will intentionally create for your brand.

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Become your own media agency.

Before social media,

If you wanted to have a successful book publishing career, you had to hire a publishing company.

If you wanted to generate media attention, you had to hire a PR agency

If you wanted to earn a part in a Hollywood movie, you had to hire a talent agent.

If you wanted to land an executive position at a company, you had to work through years of ladder climbing

But through intentionally building your personal brand, you become your own talent representative. Your content becomes a magnet in attracting people and opportunities to you.

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Apply for a Personal Branding Power Hour with Jeremy by filling out this form.

Good news.

If you're one of the 110 people who signed up to my personal branding webinar and watched it live on June 1st, I will discount the Power Hour for you.

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If you haven't watched the Personal Branding is for Everyone webinar that I did with David Riggs, you can watch HERE.

"Jeremy is a nationally known entrepreneur and marketer. He's been seen on multiple print and online magazines. He was ranked in the top 25 influencers to teach about social media and personal branding in 2017 only after recently graduating high-school. He's developed a reputation that has brought an unforeseen volume of opportunities to his life. From working with his favorite brands like Subaru and NASA to co-founding a non-profit that empowers high-schoolers to becoming a Director of Marketing and partner of a high growth technology company. Jeremy has spoken across the world to audiences over 1,000. Through the process of building his personal brand, Jeremy has been able to develop a powerful network of friends and business associates." 

Are you ready?

You will be given priority access to the next cohort of Power Hours if you are not selected.

Click the rocket to go back to my website.

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