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Being Stressed And Having Everything Going For You at the Same Time

How can someone be so stressed and have everything going for them at the same time?

I related to Simon Sinek's story. He had everything going for him. His business was flourishing. His family was happy and healthy. His friends were accomplishing amazing things. His clients were happy. He was achieving things that he had only dreamed he could accomplish just a few years back. All of the THINGS in his life were healthy and great. But there was one problem.

He wasn't happy nor was he fulfilled. He felt something lacking. He felt stressed. But he NEVER told anyone because he would hear...

"Simon, how dare you say you're anything but happy... you have everything going for you. There are people in this world with REAL problems."

The reality is his "WHY" (living purposefully) was not being manifested through the things he was doing. He wasn't spending time with his family. He wasn't focusing on his physical and mental health.

He was allowing his life to be controlled by business instead of using his business as a medium for his purpose and mission.


For a long time I spent most of my time on my laptop or phone working. I would be on my phone while at family get-together's or bonfires with friends. I felt that I had an obligation to a business when in reality my real obligation is to grow myself holistically. When I grow myself from a holistic approach rather than just business, all the things that I work on end up being done in a better way anyway. Instead of spending all day on Facebook, I have been investing my time on other things that are helping me grow altogether.

Here's a list of things that I am using to invest in myself:

☞ Developing my faith as a priority. "If the enemy can't make you a bad person then he'll make you busy".

☞ Reading books instead of spending time on social media.

☞ Learning things that interest me like psychology, aesthetics, society and economics, and human history. Instead of simply only learning about marketing and entrepreneurship (I learned to do this from Dennis Yu).

☞ Spending time appreciating small things in nature. Before, I would run so fast that I would miss the beauty of the world.

☞ Spending more time learning how to have a better and healthier morning routine because I read in a book "If you win the morning, you win the day". Working out in the morning has enabled me to have consistent energy throughout the day.

☞ Learning how to write (I have challenged myself to write 500 words each day. I know this isn't a lot but for someone who did not do well in high-school english this is a big step for me). Ever since I have started to do these things I have learned how to develop self-awareness, patience, and am learning how to become a well-rounded person.

It was through these things that I have learned how to be joyfully present in the moment while looking towards the future with optimism. I have learned how to have a clear direction for my life rather than simply having "goals". I have learned that in my life I was called to be a human first and second an entrepreneur not vice versa.

I wrote this on August 9th, 2017.


What are others saying about this blog?

Rebecca: "I needed to read this today- I've been having the same struggle. Thanks for sharing"

Lean: "This is great. I LOVE psychology and learning about human functionality in all aspects, and I think it's such a game changer once you have that knowledge and apply it in the business world."

Melissa: "I love seeing your posts like this Jeremy Miller. As I've kinda watched you grow from a distance I get a little worried bc soooo many people start off wrong and then crash and burn fast. Seems like you've been very blessed with a well rounded perspective. Faith is always number 1."

Pingnan: Well said, Jeremy. Keep learning and live a real life. Money and fame are not something to chase. They are "Vanity of vanities". Relationship is the only real thing. Your relationship with God and others."

Corey: This is GREAT insight that anyone who wants to work on themselves can use! Thank you for sharing!!!" Denny: "Love that this post is 3 years old. It helps give perspective of the trajectory you were on back then and how in manifests into the now.

You are ahead of your years. Much of what you see and experience will seem distorted, almost surreal. I'm guessing there are times that you will feel misunderstood or alienated. May you peel back the veneer to see the truth behind the curtain. Btw... most of us are blind to the truth in absolute terms.. I'm confident that you have glimpses of this and at times feel 'out-of-step' with most.

Stay true Jeremy Miller to who God designed you to BE. God Speed Brother.

Count your blessing young Alien!"


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