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So you want to become a digital marketer?

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

I will tell you what I have done wrong which lead me to many pains and losing lots of money. I will tell you what my mentors told me to do which ended up me helping a lot of people and making a lot of money.

Why do you want to become a Digital Marketer?

Have a strong understanding for your why and back it up with your morals and ethics. The only thing consistent about digital marketing is that it consistently changes. Consistent changes make opportunity for quick successes, chaotic confusion, and lack of foundation. It can be very easy to get distracted by other people’s success, “so much to do”, and jumping ship for “new opportunities.” Don’t follow the shiny things, develop patience, stick to your why, listen to your mentor, and always consider yourself a student so you’re always learning. You will do incredibly well if you do these things.

What are you actually going to do?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term. Digital marketing can entail many different skills and abilities. You need to do research and find out which makes most sense for you. What can you do that can add the most value? If you try to do it all at once then you will be mediocre at many things and good at a few things. You do not want this. You want to become great at something. In 2017 where we have things like virtual assistants, Fiverr, Upwork, and Artificial intelligence you need to make yourself valuable and distinguishable.

How are you going to start?

Now that you know what you want to do you need to know how you are going to get started.I used to think this was a “chicken and the egg” situation. I used to think that in order to get “experience” I had to work for free.My mentor, Dennis Yu, gave me the best advice for becoming a digital marketer. Let us save you the pains, hours of wasted time, and lots of wasted money.I started working for free. Working for free gives you no credibility, it takes time away from you focusing on things like your family and health, and it rips your authority. People don’t respect you and will not apply what you say when you work for free. If you take a 1 hour phone call to give free consulting then they MIGHT listen to you and apply what you say. You might have wasted that hour that you could’ve spent working out or with your family. If you charge $100 then they WILL listen to you and will apply what you say because your words are valued. Here’s what Dennis Yu has to say about how to become a digital marketer:

If you’re brand new and have no experience, rather than take random “beginner” projects from nobody companies, start by working on junior tasks with high power teams at great companies. The best learning comes not from you banging your head and suffering all by yourself, but by collaborating with awesome team members that will help you grow faster and avoid mistakes. In other words, you need a mentor, and a great mentor creates apprentice opportunities.

So where do you start?

I asked Logan Young this question and this was his response:

Ironically many people are attracted to Digital Marketing because of the “Get Rich Quick” mentality surrounding it. But only the players with a long-term vision end up being successful. Focus less on “growth-hacks” and “hustle” and more on following and respecting a process. It takes 4 years to get a degree in college. Work on your Personal Brand for 4 years and you’ll see amazing opportunities pay off in the long run, just don’t expect it over night.

Build your personal brand which will give you authority

NOTE: Authority gives you the ability to charge even if you don’t have a massive portfolio

Since you are learning often, reading 20 blogs a day and watching 10 YouTube videos about digital marketing each day — invest time into creating 1–2 minute videos about what you’re learning

NOTE: When you create educational content it opens up the opportunity for you to teach people. When you teach someone something they begin to trust you more as an authority figure in whatever you're talking about.

Get training and mentorship from the best in the world at

I have dozens of young entrepreneurs each month come to me asking how they can start and I always encourage them to do their best to qualify for BlitzMetrics students.

One of the most important things I have been able to do for myself was learn how to become a student of life and always looking for opportunities to learn.

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