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Creativity Boosters, Copy-Writing Tactics, and Data on Video Marketing

<May 2020 Email Newsletter>

Thanks for still being here. 

My goal with these emails is condensing the most interesting observations that I come across for social media marketing and personal development.

Social media is my trade. And personal development has been the catalyst in pushing me to be proficient in my trade.

With social media, businesses of all sizes often jump right to tactics instead of plotting out the big picture.

Tactics are actions. They can sometimes produce tangible short-term results, giving the impression that something bigger is being accomplished.

In 2020, companies are starting to think more intentionally about their brand in relation to their social media content. One way is creating and sharing customer and employee “WHY” videos that include stories of empathy, positivity, or social impact.

Human behavior hasn't changed for thousands of years. People want stories. And COVID-19 has only accelerated the appetite for genuine story-telling.

The bigger picture for social media is creating content focused on building a community of raving fans which will amplify word-of-mouth marketing

In 2020, the tactical playbook for social media changes by the hour. So staying on top of tactics for content optimization is important. Along with remaining in an inspired state for your strategic brainstorming.


Today I've compiled observations in video marketing in the 2020s, copy-writing like a musician, ten creativity boosters, and a lesson in skill mastery


The following four tweets are profound lessons and simple-to-follow checklists for remaining in an inspired state, amplifying your creativity, and compounding the value that you can bring to the world through your skills:


If you want to grow your business online, what is the one thing you need the most?

Attention. And what's the most important marketing skill in acquiring that attention?

Dave Gerhardt sums it up eloquently:


"Businesses and brands need to be extra intentional in iterating their video strategy and tactics based on what the data says"

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