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The Best Marketing Framework for Every Business (For Real)

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Powerful marketing is similar to the way doctors approach their patients. A patient may come to a doctor and say “I need help” or “I want to feel better” or “What do I need to do to feel better”. The reality is without information about the patient, the doctor can never accurately answer those questions. The doctor must collect the patients vitals, heart rate, blood pressure, previous medicines, allergies, pains, goals, etc. Once the patient has been diagnosed properly then the doctor can deliver solutions. Marketers and business owners need to learn how to properly diagnose their own businesses. Businesses will say "we need to increase our revenue" but they need to collect some information about their business in order to talk about how that can be achieved.

They can do this with #GCT.

Before we jump into #GCT we need to understand the process of reverse engineering a marketing goal.

Start with your MAIN Goal.

Here are a few goals you might pursue with your video:

  • Do you want to increase brand awareness?

  • Present yourself as an attractive employer?

  • Do you want to acquire more app users?

  • Do you want to attract new customers or leads?

  • Begin engaging with your audience?

  • Show how using your product can help solve a problem?

Define your specific goal and choose a measurement metric around it.

Example: 'My goal is to get 20 new clients in Q3' Once you know your main goal then you need to breakdown what you need to accomplish to achieve that.

Example: 'To get more clients I need my target demographic to be aware of my company's story and product'. Now that you know what you need to do, you can begin to craft an actionable game plan.

Example: 'I can use social media to share our story and bring more awareness to our product'

It's a simple and repeatable process that allows you to plot out the bigger picture.

#GCT = Goals, Content, and Targeting


What are you actually trying to achieve?(This must be specific, short, and easy to understand)Example:“We want to achieve a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 200% in the next 60 days with a budget of $1,000/month using Facebook ads.”


How are you going to achieve your goal? Goals are meaningless if you don’t have a process for achieving your goals.

What content do you need to message the value proposition of your product? What message will convince someone to come to your website?

I recommend company’s to follow the 3x3 video matrix. The strategy itself is relatively simple, but the reason the 3x3 video grid is so effective is that it moves prospective customers down the funnel into a purchasing customer. Each video in the grid is designed to move the consumer along their personal buyer’s journey. I recommend following Dennis Yu’s approach to the 3x3 video matrix in the hyper link. Targeting

Who is your target market? It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest marketers on your team if you cannot tell them who they should be targeting. Marketing STARTS with the customer.

Have you explored how targeted you can be with Facebook advertising? I encourage you to play around with the targeting abilities on Facebook.Here’s an infographic showing Facebook’s targeting options: All of Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options (in One Epic Infographic)

Once you figured out your #GCT then you will be able to figure out relevant and specific marketing strategies for your company.

Be aware of how your content performs and iterate content you make according to what is working and what isn't working.

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