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First Mastermind of 2020 | 5 Days Away Escaping in A Cabin

Updated: May 13, 2020

Paul John texted Luke Reks, Adam Carandang, and I if we wanted to go to Tennessee with him.

This was a week long mastermind trip to Pigeon Forge with a night in downtown Nashville. Paul rented an Airbnb in the mountains with a group of young leaders each who have a high capacity and appetite for life. Each individual striving for ambitious goals personally and professionally ultimately to become each ones best self.

What is a "Mastermind"?

A peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help individuals solve their problems and advance in life with input and advice from the others. The concept was coined in 1925 by author Napoleon Hill in his book The Law of Success, and described in more detail in his 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich.

In a mastermind setting there's at-least three people but no more than twelve.

Masterminds are meant for an intimate and comfortable environment for people to be transparently themselves.

No posing.

No two faced people.

We come authentically as our self open to feedback and accountability.

When I wrote about my Tribe and protecting my energy in this recent blog.

I talked about Energy, Environment, and Element.

Those three factors are instrumentally key in cultivating and facilitating a transformational mastermind.

We kicked off each morning with individual meditations. During the trip we intentionally crafted a schedule for workshops. These were truly life invigorating!

Whether it was Paul teaching us about wealth generation and managing our money flow, or Adam teaching us about how to be of value to everyone that you meet, or Jake teaching us about loopholes in the financial ssystem and different investing tactics. We would have 1:1 sessions where we would split off into different parts of our big cabin.

We dove into challenging conversations that were very important for our personal development, wealth generation, and increasing our capacities as leaders.

We found a great balance of growth conversations and relaxing releasing. Our cabin was outfitted with a 6 person hot tub and we stopped into town to pick up a few bottles of wine!

I left the trip extremely energized and refueled to get back into the day-to-day. Too many workshops would've left me tired coming back home. And too many exciting moments of relaxing would've left me less challenged than I was.

"Live a life that is well balanced; don't do things in excess."

I was personally challenged in how I showed up as my individual self to my non-profit (The STARTedUP Foundation), how I managed my cash-flow, and what beliefs or behaviors that I needed to change or amplify in my life in order to get to where I want to be.

I am so grateful that I get experiences like this in life. This recent week was very important in the further development of myself as a business owner, a future husband, a future dad, and overall as a human being.

And they are great opportunities to create content!!

Many more trips like this to come. Perhaps in Bali next time.

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