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Starting a YouTube Channel in 2022? Here's 10 Tips for Aspiring YouTubers

My friend Muaaz Shakeel is constantly helping others grow on YouTube. He's grown his own channel to almost 300,000 Subscribers with 40,000,000 video views.

Muaaz hit the new year strong by sharing a Twitter thread with 10 helpful YouTube tips for new channels.

I spent 12 months growing Joey Chestnut's YouTube subscribers from 40k to almost 250k Subscribers. With over 14M Views in a year. Muaaz shares in such a simple format how to crush it on YouTube. I've experienced it firsthand.

Practice what he shares and make sure to follow him for more advice.

Follow his Twitter before continuing!

His thread:

"1. Your thumbnail is the first thing viewers see

things to keep in mind:

- thumbnails look bigger on pc

- thumbnails look smaller on mobile

- most viewers on are mobile

- make them look good on both

TIP: Create multiple thumbnails and ask friends which they would rather click.

2. Don't be afraid to make bad videos

Everyone has to start from somewhere

All your favorite YouTubers earliest videos are probably trash compared to what they upload now

TIP. Lay the foundation. Start simple. Then you'll know what you need to improve on.

3. Don't worry about outside opinions

The fear of being judged by family, friends, etc. has stopped so many people from uploading content

..I promise you that everyone is too busy stressing about their own life to care about what you’re doing lol.

It's your life, not theirs.

4. Your first minute needs to grab people

Humans have short attention spans these days.

Most viewers know in the 1st minute if they’ll keep watching the rest of your video.

So cut unnecessary stuff like intros and jump into the video faster.

TIP: Keep things fast paced. Chop out dead air.

5. The most important analytics to improve your YouTube videos:

- click-through rate (ctr)

- viewer retention

CTR is the percentage of people who click your video when they see it on their screen.

Viewer retention is how long you were able to keep a viewer interested in your video.

TIP: Watch these metrics consistently. Monitor which videos are performing better than others. NOTE: Do not obsess over metrics. Play the long game.

6. Stop begging for likes and subs throughout the video

A viewer could be immersed in your video, and then when you ask them to do all that, the immersion breaks and they lose interest.

TIP: You could get some cool animations from Muaaz's site instead:

7. Patience is a virtue

A lot of people start YouTube and give up after 2 uploads cause they didn't go viral.

Patience & consistency are the two things that you need to succeed.

Be OKAY with consistently uploading videos and understand that you probably won't go viral overnight.

NOTE: YouTube is a search engine. Not a social network. Every video you upload (with SEO strategy) lives on Google forever. Each video you post is a brick. Build your audience brick by brick.

Content is a game of consistency. Like exercise. Get your reps in.

8. YouTube "Title" structure is important

Try to keep your titles under 50 characters or they could get cut off near the end.

Characters like ‘W’ take up more space (in length) than characters like ‘I’.

Don't put the best part at the end, start with the punchline.

TIP: Use the tool Tuberanker for a YouTube title generator.

9. Don't stress too much about the numbers

I said it earlier, but be okay with creating content and not having your blow up right away.

Everyone started from 0, even all the biggest creators you see pulling millions of views daily.

If they did it, I believe you can too :)

10. Stop pushing it off and get to it

If you made it this far into the thread, it's clear you want to be successful as a content creator or are interested in it!

Every year someone new blows up who we didn't know about the year before.

In 2022, it could be you.

if you enjoyed this thread, follow Muaaz!!

If you're feeling generous: share this blog with someone who is wanting to start a YouTube channel in 2022."


A few final points:

1. Good microphones and sound quality is the most important thing.

Eyes skip editing mistakes. Ears don’t.

2. The sweet spot for length of a video was about 8 minutes.

3. Rollover is where the most money comes from. Meaning not money made from one new video, but from having 10-100 older videos consistently getting new views and making money monthly.

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