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Use Facebook as a Growth Vehicle For Your Business

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I started Facebook advertising in 2015. It wasn’t until 2017 when I learned how to actually grow a business using the Facebook platform.

In 2017 I acquired a mentor named Dennis Yu. He’s a former advertising executive at Yahoo and now CEO of Blitzmetrics, a digital marketing agency. Dennis created a program that centered around mentorship, helping students grow their expertise in digital marketing to drive leads and sales by managing ad campaigns for enterprise clients like The Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Rosetta Stone.

The biggest shift that I learned was how to use the tools inside Facebook to create a systematic engine to grow businesses.

Picture: Dennis and Jeremy at GoDaddy Headquarters teaching a Facebook Workshop


Throwing mud against the wall is not a viable marketing strategy.

If you want to, simply, throw your content at different social channels like your Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Twitter, maybe an Instagram story every now and then, etcetera-- do it. You can learn different nuances for different social media channels. You’ll also learn about different trends and behaviors about users and how they react with different pieces of content on social media.

But if you actually want to scale your business, then your goal should be to systematically create a social amplification engine for your business.

A digital system that can consistently produce leads for your business and activates your raving fans to talk about you. Throwing mud against the wall is not a viable marketing strategy. Eventually, you should double down something that works - right?

✏ Social amplification engine defined:

A repeatable process to show your best content to your audience.

Why Social Amplification?

Facebook amplifies content that’s already working, as we’ve learned from the Warriors

case study that Facebook released about BlitzMetrics. The Facebook algorithm’s job is to show users relevant content. That’s why engagement on content is an important measurement metric in determining where to put your Ad dollars. You can amplify your content that’s working best by boosting on your business page.

Say your company publishes 10 videos out in one month. It is best practice to go back into the analytics of the previous month and observe the best performing content.

You’d want to choose the top 2-3 videos with the best engagement to boost during the following month. If you want to try this out for your own business, I recommend following the #GCT (Goals, content, and targeting) framework.

But you can’t only look at pure engagement.

The algorithm prioritizes different types of engagement like video average watch time, click-through rates, and other factors that signal if the content is being enjoyed by social media users. If the content checks out, then the algorithm will reward the content creator by showing the content to more people. If the content does not meet the algorithms standards, the content will be penalized and organic reach will suffer.

But Why Facebook?

Facebook is worth $653B. And it generates more than $70.7B in annual revenue. Facebook is an advertising platform which means over 90% of its revenue comes from businesses paying to run advertisements on their platform. Companies of all sizes use Facebook as a primary channel for growth in their marketing strategy. Through the tools in the Facebook Business Manager, a business is able to attribute high volumes of lead generation and brand awareness back to their Facebook and Instagram ads.

Sidenote: Instagram is owned by Facebook. So whenever you think about the term ‘Facebook advertising’, you also mean Instagram advertising.

The Cold Targeting Capabilities For A Business

Combined between Facebook and Instagram are 3.45Bn (3,450,000,000) monthly active users. That’s close to 45% of the world's population.

With the detailed targeting capabilities on Facebook, a business is able to target their prime candidate.

Here’s all of Facebook’s ad targeting options in one giant infographic.

Success on Facebook isn’t just about cold targeting.

The true power of Facebook is the advertising funnel. Facebook advertising success is about if-then sequences. If a social media user watches one of your videos, then you can re-target them with more content. If a social media user visits your landing page or website, then you can re-target them with content on social media.

You probably have seen this for yourself. After visiting a website or viewing a product online, you were re-targeted with an ad from that company.

The reality is consumers are 70% more likely to convert from a retargeting ad. Any business can do this by leveraging the Facebook Custom Audience and Facebook pixel tools.

Consumers are 70% more likely to convert from a retargeting ad.

Facebook Rewards Smart Marketers

A strategy shift for businesses who produce content on social media, especially with Facebook, is to think like a publisher instead of a marketer.

Brands are increasingly needing to become a source of content if they wish to remain relevant and drive business growth on social media. If they think like a publisher when creating content, the target audience will give them their attention and time.

Opposed to a more traditional lens of marketing: "How do I convey the cost benefits of my service?” or “Where can I squeeze in all the features that I think are important?”

L’Oreal’s is a good example.

They share beauty tips without pushing their own products. They have articles and beauty tutorials from experts on their site, social media channels like Facebook, and their YouTube channel.

This is the type of content that performs well on Facebook. Users want to be educated, entertained, and empowered. So the algorithm will work extra hard in promoting this type of content.

Think like a publisher, not a marketer.


  • Facebook is a platform to systemically engage your fans and audience.

☞ It’s not just for throwing mud up against the wall hoping something sticks.

  • The Facebook algorithm will penalize your content or promote your content based on how well the content performs.

☞ The algorithm can either be your friend or your enemy.

  • Facebook is one of the largest advertising platforms to have ever existed.

  • Instagram is owned by Facebook.

  • With 3.45 billion monthly active users and the detailed targeting options for Facebook, a business is able to promote content to their desired audience.

Here's a list of Facebook Targeting Options

  • The true power of Facebook is a retargeting sequence. An online funnel.

  • Facebook rewards marketers who genuinely create content that humans want to consume.


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