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Why It Matters That People Are Hit With 6,000 Ads Per Day

Updated: May 10, 2021

Businesses used to be able to say, 'this is my product and here are my prices'. And customers would come to them.

That won't work anymore.

"Back in the 70s, it was reported that the average person saw between 500 to 1600 ads per day. In 2007, the market research firm Yankelovich estimated that the average person saw up to 5,000 ads per day. Fast forward to 2020, and although there are no official figures, the average person is now estimated to encounter between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day." - PPC Protect

The market for human attention has increasingly become incredibly saturated. And in-part because of this, the human attention span has decreased.

Have you heard about humans attention span being less than goldfish? Well, that's technically not true. But attention span is decreasing at a sharp rate.

A recent study found the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds. This is a sharp decrease from the average attention span of 12 seconds in the year 2000.

Consumers don't just need more information about your brand, they need to know the right information to remember you.

The Three Takeaways for Marketers:

  1. Be rememberable in your content.

    1. Tap into the emotional psyche of consumers by creating a relationship with them rather than just trying to sell your product. People don't want to hear about the features of your product. They want to learn stories and be entertained.

    2. Action step: Create your 'WHY' video.

  2. Keep your business writing clear and concise. Write like a musician.

  3. Be succinct. Attention span is fleeting. Capture attention quickly by thinking creatively with your content. Don't waste time. Be straight forward. Notice the length of this blog.

  4. Be 'top of mind'. Consistency is key. That means you are consistently posting content. You're consistently running ads. And that you're running re-targeting ads.

    1. Action Step: There are always more ways to be more 'top of mind'. The key is to find a solid schedule and framework that works for you. Then increase frequency as your resources allow.

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