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Book Jeremy Miller for Your Next Event

Jeremy Miller has been featured or mentioned in 50+ print or online publications including

Forbes, The Next Web, Inc. Magazine, Channel 13 News WTHR, The Huffington Post,

BuzzFeed, Mashable, Future Sharks, Success Magazine and more. Jeremy’s Forbes Feature was the #1 trending article on LinkedIn in December of 2017 and ranked #1 on Google for “Forbes Entrepreneur” with 17M search results also in December of 2017. At age 18, he was ranked in the top 25 influencers to teach about social media in 2017. He was an Indianapolis Rising Star Nominee for the TechPoint Mira Awards in 2018 and 2019.

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"Jeremy is a role model to the youth of today's world. Kudos Jeremy Miller on being a rising star I know many are inspired by you.
To quote Jeremy in his own words 'To do something, however small, to make others happier and better is the highest ambition, the most elevating hope that can inspire a human being.'"
- Fatima Williams Recruitment Manager at 360 Recruiting
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"It's very rare that you meet someone as versatile, talented and humble as Jeremy Miller. I have had the pleasure of seeing him work with local entrepreneurs, business owners, and my own colleagues here in Indianapolis and all over the country. I highly recommend Jeremy Miller.


- Lance Greenberg Founder of Greenberg Media Group

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I've had the pleasure of working indirectly with Jeremy Miller for award-winning social media startup beBee Affinity Social Network, where we both serve as global brand ambassadors. Jeremy represents the new entrepreneurial spirit of Generation Z. He is a role model for young people everywhere due to his budding business acumen, can-do inspirational attitude, boundless perseverance, and his ability to succeed in challenging startup ventures against the odds. I have no doubt that Jeremy's career will continue to blossom.

- David B. GrinBerg (Senior Communications Advisor)

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Jeremy can travel anywhere in the world for talks, keynotes, and workshops.

Depending on the location and time, he can also have a video-grapher to film content and take pictures which the contractor would have completely free and legal use of content.

Any content that Jeremy is able to collect from his speaking engagements, and with permission, will be distributed across social media garnering hundreds of thousands of impressions with brand recognition, tagging, and gratitude to the speaking contractor. 


Thank you for submitting!


Director of Social Media Tuft and Needle

"Jeremy has wisdom beyond his years. And it manifests through his care of others, his steel resolve to get stuff done as an entrepreneur and his amazing success at such an early age. We need more Jeremy's in this world who care more about meaning than money.​"

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