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5 Secrets From Thought Leaders That Every Creator Should Know

Curious? Here you go. 👇

Thought leaders: Dive deep into their niches to become the go-to experts.

Content creators: Create broad pillar topics to compete for search results.

Thought leaders: Take a stand on their topics and aren't afraid of controversy.

Content creators: Present the pros and cons of a topic to let the reader decide.

Thought leaders: Are passionate about building a community of engaged fans.

Content creators: Are obsessed with likes and post views.

Thought leaders: Develop a unique voice and style for their content.

Content creators: Keyword-stuff their blog posts to please the Google algorithm.

Thought leaders: Create intellectual property (e.g. books) out of their frameworks.

Content creators: Ghostwrite guest blogs to get a few backlinks.

Think about this...

You are working hard to create content and grow your business.

So, make sure you are focusing on the long game and not just the quick wins.

At the end of the day, these statements are pretty generalized.

Some content creators, like a YouTuber, can be more tapped into their community and customer base than most businesses.

Content creation without a vision = noise. Share something that is uniquely useful and can have a positive impact if you want to be a thought leader.

Sticking to a single niche is the biggest challenge for content creators. Once you get a grasp of 'what works for you' you have to believe in yourself and double down on that.


Want to take your story-telling content to a new level? Do you want to create 1x and post 15x?

Look no further:

Highlight your customers. Ask them for testimonials and interviews. And share those customer stories all over your marketing channels.

Starting a YouTube Channel in 2022?


What We Learned About The Creator Economy from 2021 [TLDR]

The creator economy continues to emerge. By 2021, we have more tools to support creators, more platforms for creators to build on, and more people becoming accustomed to supporting their creators than ever before. The barriers to enter the Creator Economy are so low. The lowering of these barriers is helping more people overcome their fears and try to become a creator.

Fears of not creating good content, not creating enough money, or fears of failing discouraged people to create. But with lower barriers to entry, people are more open to taking a stab at it. Being early is scary. The good news is that we’re still early.

Perfectionism impedes progress. You won’t be perfect. But that’s part of your story. In the creator economy, you create relationships with your “audience”. Your audience doesn’t want to follow someone who started out being perfect. They want to see progression overtime and feel like they’re watching you unfold.


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